Sample Veterinary Science Questions -2

51. Domestic sewage contains the following
o Chemicals; Organic Matter; Highly Toxic Substances; All

52. Gasping is a symptom in:
o ILT; Avian Influenza; Avian Leucosis; Ranikhet Disease

53. The sporadic disease is:
o HS; Tetanus; FMD; Avian Influenza

54. The leucocytic granules more toxic to parasites
o Eosinophils; neutrophils; basophils; lymphocytes

55. The target organ of shock in dogs is
o Liver; Lungs; Intestine; Heart

56. Electrical stunning is widely used in
o Cattle, Poultry; Pig, Poultry; Buffalo, Poultry; Sheep

57. The vector for Leishmania is
o Phlebotomus; Culicoides; Tabanus; Musca

58. The presentation of fetus in breech presentation is
o Anterio Longitudinal; Posterior Longitudinal; Dorso Transverse; Ventro Transverse

59. During recent outbreak of Avian Influenza in South East countries, subtype has been identified
o H5N1; H5N2; H2N9; H1N5

60. Garlic like odour of gastrointestinal contents is suggestive of poisoning with
o Nitrate ; HCN; Alkali; Phosphorus

61. The extracellular parasite
o Babesia; Theileria; Anaplasma; Trypanosome

62. Occupational radiation hazards can be prevented by wearing an apron of
o Aluminium; Copper; Lead; Silver

63. The largest deer found in india
o Sambar; Nilgai; Spotted Deer; Barasingah

64. The state bird of Gujarat
o King Vulture; Saras Crane; Pea Fowl; Flamingo

65. Campylobacterosis is diagnosed by
o Milk Ring Test; HA; Intradermal Inoculation; Vaginal Mucous Agglutination Test

66. Cubonis test is used to diagnose pregnancy in
o Bitch; Mare; Sow; Cow

67. Programmed cell death is called
o Phagocytosis; Mytosis; Necrosis; Apoptosis

68. Rodent control is very much effective in control of
o Leptospirosis; Plague; Salmonellosis; All

69. The term epsilon is associated with
o Brucellosis; Enterotoxaemia; Marek’s Disease; Erysipelas

70. Blow gun rifle is fairly accurate for the target up to the distance of
o 40 metres; 80 feets; 80 metres; 40 feets

71. A live vaccine among the following
o HS; Brucella S19; BQ; Rabies

72. A well established protozoal disease transmitted by way of milk
o Toxoplasmosis; Giardiosis; Cryptosporidiosis; None

73. Cells spermatids are
o Haploids; Diploids; Tetraploids; Triploids

74. Navicular bone in horses
o Patella; Proximal Sesamoids; Febella; Distal Sesamoids

75. Length of gestation in mares
o 9 months 9 days; 8 months 8 days; 10 months 10 days; 11 months 11 days

76. Ingestion of Lantana foliage causes
o Hepatotoxicity And Secondary Photosensitization; Acute Enteritis; Pulmonary Haemorrhage; Nephrotoxicity

77. Parasite of pulmonary artery
o Sarcoptes; Cysticercus; Toxoplasma; Dirofilaria immitis

78. Irritant and non isotonic drug solution are injected by which route
o Intravenous; Intramuscular; Sub Cutaneous; Intraperitoneal

79. Deaths among clinically affected animals indicates
o Incident Rates; Morbidity Rate; Fatality Rate; Prevalence Rate

80. The stomach fluke disease is caused in cattle due to
o Paramphistomum cervi; Moniezia expansa; Fasciola hepatica; Neoascaris vitulorum

81. In paraffin block making technique fat/lipid is dissolved by
o Formaline; Xylene; Paraffin; Alcohol

82. Electron microscope was invented by
o Leewenhock; Pastuer; Knoll and Ruska; Elford

83. The characteristic lesion in brain of cow affected by mad cow disease
o Neuronal Degeneration; Neuronal Vacuolation; Inclusion Bodies in Neurons; Encephalitis

84. Antihypertensive drug with angiotensin converting enzyme inhibiting action
o Prazosin; Verapamil; Frusemide; Captopril

85. Apex of bovine heart is attached by
o Cardio thoracic ligament; Pericardio sternal ligament; Cardiac phrenic ligament; Coronary ligament

86. Purkinjee cells are noted in the
o Myocardium; Cerebellum; Cerebrum; Myometrium

87. Michael Bishop and Harold Varmus were awarded Nobel Prize in 1989 for their work on
o Monoclonal Antibodies; Proto Oncogenes; Chemical Carcinogens; Apoptosis

88. Bioterrorism is associated with
o Echinococcosis; Anthrax; Leishmaniosis; Tuberculosis

89. Caecal coccidiosis is caused by
o E acervulina; E magna; E tenella; E necatrix

90. Name the drug of choice for treatment of Thieleriosis
o Suramin; Buparvaquon; Nitrothiozol; Clopidol

91. An antibiotic that interferes with bacterial cell wall synthesis
o Gentamicin; Penicillin; Sulphonamide; None

92. Fundamental germ layer
o Ectoderm; Mesoderm; Endoderm; Mesenchymal Cells

93. Agar is composed of
o Protein; Lipids; Carbohydrates; Mixture of all three

94. Rabies virus is
o Viscerotropic; Neurotropic; Dermotropic; None

95. Reverse transcriptase enzyme is present in the virus family of
o Pox; Adeno; Retro; Irido

96. The drug active against cestodes
o Pyrantel; Thiophanate; Hexachlorophene; Praziquantel

97. The desirable limit of fluoride (mg/l) in human drinking water is
o 1; 3; 5; 7

98. The inflammation of hoof of horse is called
o Synovitis; Bursitis; Naviculitis; Laminitis

99. The brachicephalic breed of dog
o Collie; Pug; Doberman; German Shepherd

100. Warfarin poisoning is treated by administration of Vitamin
o K; E; A; C