Sample Veterinary Science Questions -3

101. Lemberts pattern is not used for sutured
o Uterus; Urinary Bladder; Oesophagus; Rumen

102. The smallest virus
o Fowlpox; FMD; Ranikhet Disease; Avian Leukosis

103. Atropine :
o Reduces metabolic rate;
o Reduces salivary, gastric and bronchial secretion;
o Reduces body temperature
o Decrease intestinal motility

104. The larva that causes VLM
o Toxocara canis; Ascaris suum; Ancylostoma caninum; Dirofilaria immitis

105. The microchromosomes are seen in
o Cattle; Horse; Poultry; Dog

106. Othaematoma is the haematoma involoving
o Eye and Ear; Ear; Eye; None

107. Punched ulcers in abomassum is caused by
o Babesia bigemina; Theileria annulata; Anaplasma marginale; Babesia bovis

108. Death of animal suffering from rabies occurs due to
o Neuritis; Gastritis; Asphyxia; Paralysis

109. Cattle genome is made up of how many organic bases
o 2.9-3.1 trillion; 2.9-3.1 billion; 2.9-3.1 million; 2.9-3.1 lakh

110. Brooder pneumonia is caused by
o Aspergillus flavus; Aspergillus ochoreceal; Aspergillus parasiticus; Aspergillus fumigatus

111. Paralysis of hind quarter is termed as
o Hemiplegia; Diplegia; Quadriplegia; Paraplegia

112. Teat surgery is more successful during which stage
o Lactating Stage; Dry Stage; Post Pubertal Stage; None

113. Pipe stem liver condition is seen in which of the following infection
o Fasciola hepatica; Moneizia expansa; Dicrocelium dentriticum; None

114. The diabetes insipidus develops due to deficiency of
o ADH; Glucagon; Insulin; Aldosterone

115. An important source of biofuel is (Ethanol)
o Jowar; Oat; Sugarcane; Rice

116. Main immunoglobulin protecting mucosal surface is:
o Ig M; Ig A; Ig G; All

117. Surgical removal of stones from the urinary bladder is known as
o Nephrectomy; Cystotomy; Penectomy; Nephrotomy

118. The reference test for diagnosis of rabies
o FAT; AGPT; Agglutination; ELISA

119. Toxic principle present in cotton seed is
o Sinigrin; Gossypol; Tannin; Mimosin

120. Microglia cells are present in
o Blood; Bone Marrow; Pancreas; Brain

121. Suturing of the uterus after the Caesarean section starts from
o Ovarian end; Cervical end; Middle of the uterus; Either of end

122. Anaesthesia is produced when the blood concentration of chloroform reaches to level of
o 0.035%; 0.35%; 0.053%; 1.035%

123. Surgical operation for providing drainage from middle ear is known as
o Zepps Operation; Hyovertebrotomy; Ventriculectomy; Bulla osteotomy

124. T lymphocytes get maturity in organ
o Liver; Thymus; Spleen; Bursa

125. Antibacterial drug associated with nephrotoxicity is
o Tetracycline; Chloramphenicol; Streptomycin; Levofloxacin

126. Kohler and Mihlstein are known for the achievement in
o Hybridoma; Nucleotide sequencing; Viral Culture; Prion discovery

127. Bronze discoloration of liver is characteristic feature of
o Pullorum Disease; Fowl Cholera; Fowl Typhoid; Spirochaetosis

128. Double stranded RNA is found in
o Retro Virus; Reo Virus; Pox Virus; Parvo Virus

129. The total dry matter requirement of cow
o 3% of body wt; 3% of metabolic body wt; 5% of body wt; 1% of body wt

130. Raw egg feeding in dog may produce deficiency of
o Biotin; Cholin; Niacin; Pantothenic acid

131. Catgut is prepared from the intestine of
o Rabbit; Sheep; Pig; Cat

132. Sodium calcium EDTA is used as antidote in poisoning of
o Arsenic; Mercury; Lead; Copper

133. The common infectious disease affecting snake
o Brucellosis; Pasteurellosis; Salmonellosis; Tuberculosis

134. WTO is related with
o Environment; Biodiversity; International tourism; International trade

135. Nervous sign in ketosis is due to
o Hypocalcemia; Hypoproteinemia; Hypoglycemia; Hypophosphatemia

136. Amputation of horn in goats can be done by blocking of
o Cornual nerve; Infraorbital; Cornual and Infraorbital; None

137. The range of pH of rumen liquor
o 2-3; 5-7; 7-8; 3-5

138. Highly toxic poison has oral LD50 value of
o   <1 mg/kg; 1-50 mg/kg; 50-100 mg/kg; 1-50 mg/kg

139. The molecules is an endogenous antigen
o MHC Type I; MHC Type II; MHC Type III; MHC Type E

140. Thin membranous partition between lateral ventricles of brain
o Tapetum lucidum; Septum lucidum; Intradorsal septum; Inter ventricular septum

141. Whales and dolphins breathe through
o Gills; Spiracles; Body surface; Lungs

142. The following characteristic palpable through the rectal examination for the pregnancy diagnosis in 35 days in cattle
o Asymmetry of uterine horn; CL on ovary; Slipping of foetal membrane; All of above

143. To relieve the right side uterine torsion, animal should be cast in
o Left side; Right side; Dorsal recumbency; Sternal recumbency

144. The ligament surgically cut for correction of subluxation of patella in bovine
o Dorsal; Ventral; Middle; Medial

145. Dilated pupils and fish eye appearance is observed in which stage of anaesthesia
o Stage 3; Stage 1; Stage 2; Stage 4