Sample Veterinary Science Questions -1

1. Which of the following inhibits aggregation of platelets
o Aspirin; Thromboxane A2; Urokinase; Streptokinase

2. The longest muscle in animal body is:
o Biceps femoris; Longissimus dorsi; Longissimus costarum; Levator costarum

3. Epithelial pearls are seen in
o Basal cell carcinoma; Adenocarcinoma; Trichoepithelioma; Squamous cell Carcinoma

4. Motility of bacteria is due to
o Plasmid; Flagella; Pili; None

5. The organ needs to be examined for Trichinella spiralis in routine PM examination
o Lungs; Diaphragm; Spleen; Intestine

6. The following have branching except:
o Actinomycetes; Nocardia; Mycobacterium; Listeria

7. The zoonotic disease involving birds playing an important role in the transmission:
o Salmonellosis; Campylobacterosis; Influenza; All

8. GnRH is secreted from:
o Hypothalamus; Hypophysis; Ovary; Uterus

9. Thawing is done at:
o 300C-30s; 370C-30s; 400C-30s; 250C-20s

10. Hjarre’s disease in poultry is due to
o E coli; Shigella; Salmonella; Proteus

11. Type of lenses in electron microscope:
o Glass; Electrostatic; Quartz; None

12. Average volume of semen ejaculate in boar (ml) is:
o 10; 100; 250; 500

13. The anaesthesia which facilitates the examination of penis and prepuce
o Epidural; Pudental; Paravertebral; High Epidural

14. Brcella ovis infection in ram is causes
o Posthitis; Epididymitis; Orchitis; Prostatitis

15. Calcitonin is secreted by
o Parathyroid; Adrenal; Thyroid; Ovary

16. Type of WBC most numerous in cows is
o Eosinophils; Lymphocytes; Neutrophils; Monocytes

17. Duration of spermatogenesis (days) in buffalo bulls:
o 64; 54; 48; 40

18. The antibiotic doesn’t have dose dependent antibacterial action
o OTC; Amikacin; Enrofloxacin; Sulfadiazine

19. The estrogen antagonist used to treat mammary and endometrial carcinoma in bitch
o Megestral acetate; Tamoxifen citrate; Estradiol cypionate; Mitotane

20. Cyclozoonosis is related to:
o Brucellosis; Echinococcosis; Leishmaniosis; None

21. Subacute glomerulonephritis is groslly described as
o White Spotted Kidney; Large White Kidney; Small Granular Contracted Kidney; Flea Bitten Kidney

22. Vagus nerve is:
o Sensory Nerve; Motor Nerve; Mixed Nerve; Spinal Nerve

23. Ovulation takes place at the end of estrus period in:
o Canine; Bovine; Ovine; Caprine

24. The following is to be injected prior to any major surgery/ wound management in horses
o Antibiotics; Styptics; NSAIDs; Tetanus toxoid

25. The following produces Aflatoxin:
o Penicillum notatum; Penicillium rubri; Aspergillus fumigates; Trichophyton sp.

26. Acute gangrenous myositis is characteristic pathological lesion of:
o Anthrax; BQ; Leptospirosis; Pasteurellosis

27. Type of Nucleic acid present in virus:
o DNA; RNA; Both; Either

28. World environment day falls on:
o February 12; April 8; June 5; October 4

29. Lobulation of the lungs is distinct in:
o Cow; Horse; Dog; Fowl

30. The number of Lumbar vertebrae in dog is:
o 6; 5; 7; 8

31. Mode of hook worm infection is mainly through
o Oral; Skin Penetration; Lactogenic; All

32. The nucleated thrombocytes are present in blood of:
o Horse; Camel; Fowl; Cow

33. The disease not produced by Mycoplasma

34. The following species not affected by FMD
o Elephant; Gaur; Rhino; Wild Boar

35. Type of animals equines are:
o Polyestrus; Seasonally Polyestrus; Monoestrus; None

36. Bitterness of milk is due to
o Proteolysis; Lipolysis; Autolysis; All

37. The important vitamin that inactivates free radicals
o Vitamin A; Vitamin B; Vitamin D; Vitamin E

38. Which of the following diseases in poultry is not vertically transmitted?
o EDS 76; Mycoplasmosis; Lymphoid Leucosis; New Castle Disease

39. The ingredient of blister is:
o Mag sulph; Bin Iodide of mercury; Copper sulph; Iodine

40. The vector through which Trypanosomes are transmitted
o Tabanus; Anopheles; Culicoides; Boophilus

41. Camel is
o Spontaneous Ovulator; Induced Ovulator; Silent Ovulator; None

42. The largest immunoglobulin
o Ig G; Ig M; Ig A; Ig D

43. An example of long duration local anaesthetic
o Bupivacaine; Lignocaine; Lidocaine; Paracaine

44. The chemical used to control snail population
o Copper sulph; Pot hydroxide; Carbon tetrachloride; None

45. The infective stage of Schistosoma spps.
o Eggs; Sporocyst; Cercaria; Metacercaria

46. Reserpine is obtained from
o Ocimum sanctum; Adhatoda vasica; Leptadena Reticulare; Rauwolffia serpentine

47. Soil erosion is due to:
o Deforestation; Soil Formation; Soil Conservation; All

48. Diffuse suppuration in the sub cutaneous tissue is
o Pustule; Phlegmon; Acne; Furuncle

49. During second stage of parturition there is a release of an extra amount of
o Oestrogen; Progesterone; Oxytocin; PGF2 alfa

50. Brucella organisms multiply in the presence of the alcohol
o Glucose; Galactose; Erythritiol; Fructose