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B.V.SC & A.H. VCI e-Courses Pdf

B.V.SC & A.H. e-Courses Pdf

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Veterinary Gynecology and Obstetrics

Courtesy - Prof. Dr. GN PUROHIT Sir

Veterinary Gynecology

Veterinary Obstetrics

Courtesy All Notes are Provided by Faculty Staff  Of  Bihar Animal Sciences University (BASU)(Bihar Animal Sciences University, Bihar Veterinary College Campus, Patna- 800014 (Bihar), India)

Department of Anatomy

Unit-2: Veterinary Anatomy Nerve Block

Unit-5: Abdomen



Unit-8: Embryology

Department of Animal Genetics & Breeding

Unit-2 : Principles of Animal and Population Genetics

Unit-3 : Principles of Animal Breeding

o   Breeding System

o   Breeding Strategies Lecture

o   Recurrent(RS) and Reciprocal Recurrent Selection (RRS)

o   Selection, Types of Selection, Response to Selection and factors affecting it

o   Aids to Selection

o   Buffalo Breeds of Breeds of India

o   Tandem Method

o   Independent Culling level (ICL) Method

o   Home Tract and Breed Characteristics of Goats

·        Selection Index


Unit-1: Principles of Animal Nutrition and Feed Technology

Unit-2: Applied Ruminant Nutrition-I

Unit-3: Applied Ruminant Nutrition-II

Unit-4: Non-Ruminant Nutrition

Department of Veterinary and Animal Husbandry Extension Education

Unit-5: Communication and Extension Teaching Methods

Unit-6: Livestock Economics and Marketing

·                  Lecture-1Livestock Economics and Marketing

·                  Elasticity of supply 

·                  Lecture- 4 : Livestock Economics and Marketing

·                  Lecture- 5 : Livestock Economics and Marketing

·                  Lecture- 6 : Livestock Economics and Marketing

·                  Lecture- 7 : Livestock Economics and Marketing

·                  Lecture- 8 : Livestock Economics and Marketing

·                  Lecture- 9 : Livestock Economics and Marketing

Unit-7: Livestock Entrepreneurship

Unit-8: Information and Communication Technology

Unit-9: Contemporary Issues in Livestock Enterprises

Department of Livestock Production Management

Unit-3: Animal Oncology, Veterinary Clinical Pathology and Necropsy

Unit-5: General and Systematic Veterinary Virology

  • Picornaviridae

Unit-6: Poultry Production Management

Unit-7: Diversified Poultry Production and Hatchery Management

Unit-8: Laboratory or Rabbit or Pet Animal Production Management

Unit-9 : Swine or Equine or Camel, Yak and Mithun Production Management

Department of Livestock Products Technology

Unit-3: Abattoir Practices and Animal By-products Technology

Uniu-4 : Meat Science

JRF study Materials

LPT-321, Old Course

Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

Unit-2: Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous System

1.       Introduction to Autonomic Nervous System

2.       Neurohumoral Transmission

3.       Cholinergic Neurotransmission

4.       Cholinergic Drugs

5.       Anticholinergic Drugs

6.       Adrenergic Neurotransmission

7.       Adrenergic Drugs

8.       Antiadrenergic Drugs

9.       Drugs acting on Autonomic Ganglia

10.    Autacoids

Unit-3: Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System

1.       Classification of drugs acting on CNS.

2.       History of Anaesthesia

3.       Mechanism of Anaesthesia

4.       Stages of General anaesthesia

5.       Introduction to General Anaesthetics

6.       Inhalant Anaesthetics

7.       Intravenous Anaesthetics (Barbiturates & Non-barbiturates)

8.       Intravenous Anaesthetics (Dissociative & other Anaesthetics)

9.       Hypnotics and sedatives

10.    Psychotropic drugs

11.    Anticonvulsants

12.    Opioid analgesics

13.    Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

14.    Analeptics and other CNS stimulants

15.    Drugs acting on somatic nervous system: Local anaesthetics, muscle relaxants

16.    Euthanizing agents

Unit- 4: Drugs Acting on Different Body Systems

1.       Drugs Acting on Digestive System

2.       Drugs Acting on Cardiovascular System

3.       Drugs Acting on Respiratory System

4.       Drugs Acting on Urogenital System

5.       Drugs Acting on Skin and Mucous Membranes

6.       Bioenhancers, Immuno-Stimulants, Suppressants

Unit-5 : Veterinary Chemotherapy

Unit-6: Veterinary Toxicology         

VPT-421 Old Course

Department of Veterinary Public Health & Epidemiology

Unit-1 : Veterinary Public Health and Food Safety

Unit-2 :Veterinary Epidemiology

Unit-3 : Zoonotic Diseases

Unit-4: Environmental Hygiene

VPE-321 (Old Course)

Department of Veterinary Biochemistry

UNIT-1 : General Veterinary Biochemistry

Unit-2 Intermediary Metabolism

VBC-321 Old course

Department of Veterinary Microbiology

UNIT-1: General & Systematic Veterinary Bacterology

Unit-5: General and Systematic Veterinary Virology

VMC 321 ( Old Course)

UNIT-3 : Microbial Biotechnology

Veterinary Parasitology

Unit-2 Trematodes and Cestodes of Veterinary Importance

Unit-4: Veterinary Entomology

Unit-5: Veterinary Protozoology

Department of Veterinary Pathology

Unit-1: General Veterinary Pathology


Unit-3: Animal Oncology, Veterinary Clinical Pathology and Necropsy

Unit-4: Pathology of Infectious and Non-Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals

Unit-5: Avian Pathology

VPP-322 Old VCI

Department of Veterinary Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Unit-1: Veterinary Gynaecology

Unit-2: Veterinary Obstetrics

Department of Veterinary Surgery and Radiology

Unit-4: Regional Surgery-I

Unit-5: Regional Surgery-II

Veterinary medicine


Unit-2: Systemic Diseases

Unit-3: Metabolic and Deficiency Disorders

Unit-5: Bacterial, Fungal and Rickettsial diseases

Unit-6 : Viral and Parasitic Diseases

P.G. Instructional materials


Veterinary Physiology

Unit-2: Digestive and Respiratory System

Unit-3: Excretory and Endocrine systems

Unit-4: Consist of Growth and Environmental Physiology and work Physiology.

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Department of Veterinary Pathology

Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology

General Pharmacology

Drugs acting on Autonomic Nervous System

Animal science Notes

Introductory Animal Science - LPM
Separate PDF files for separate lessons.
LPM - B.V.SC & A.H. 1st Semester (Teacher Notes)
1. Introduction and Scope
2. Terminology
3. Layers and Loafers
4. Feeding of Farm Animals
5. Common Animal Diseases
6. External Body Parts
7. Care and Management of Calf

Whole Book's PDF Files
1. Livestock Production And Management- See PDF
2. Veterinary sciences 1st Semester- LPM- See PDF
3. Livestock Production And Management LPM BSc Ag 1st Semester - See PDF
4. 1st Semester - Livestock Production - Breeds Of Buffalo, Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Poultry-See PDF 

Introduction - Livestock Production and Management 
Past Year Exam, Quiz and Practical Exam Question Collections - Click Here
Practical File Part 1- Click Here
Practical File Part 2- Click Here

Whole Book's PDF Files
1.Ruminant Production - See PDF

LPM - Pig and Poultry
Printed Papers for Practical- See File
Practical File Part 1 - Click Here
Practical File Part 2 - Click Here
BVSC Exam and Final Practical Exam Question Paper - Click Here
Past Year Yearly Exam, Quiz and Practical Exam Question Collections - Click Here

Veterinary Public Health & Veterinary Epidemiology
Analytical Epidemiology 1 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 2 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 3 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 4 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 5 - See PDF
Analytical Epidemiology 6 - See PDF
Infection Prevention and Control Best Practices For Small Animal Veterinary Clinics - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology - See PDF
Analytical Product Technology Tour Report - See PDF

Veterinary Parasitology - Entomology

Entomology 1 - See PDF
Entomology and Acarology - See PDF
Parasitology - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology 2 - See PDF
Veterinary Entomology 3- See PDF
The insects an outline of entomology - See PDF

Pharmacology - Veterinary Chemotherapy

Antibiotics - See PDF
Cephalosporin - See PDF
Sulpha Drugs - See PDF
Sulpha Drugs 2 - See PDF
Tetracycline and aminoglycosides - See PDF
Macrolides and lincosamides - See PDF
Timlin and Rifamycin - See PDF
ChloramphenicolSee PDF
Anti Cancer DrugsSee PDF
GriseofulvinSee PDF
AmphotericinSee PDF
Flucytosine - ChemotherapySee PDF
Ketoconazole See PDF
Levamisole See PDF
Oxyclozanide See PDF
Ectoparasiticides See PDF
Antiseptics and Disinfectants See PDF
Carbamate See PDF
Organophosphorus poisoning See PDF
Herbicides See PDF
Rodenticide See PDF
Toxicology of venomous and stings See PDF
Arsenic and Lead See PDF

Veterinary Microbiology

Streptococcus - See PDF
The genus Spherophorus - See PDF
Bacillus (Bacillaceae) - See PDF
Escherichia coli - See PDF
Rickettsia, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Legionella, and Gardnerella - See PDF
Veterinary Microbiology Full Book- See PDF
Veterinary Microbiology Full Book 2- See PDF

Whole Book's PDF Files:-
1.B.V.Sc and A.H. Bulletin - See PDF
2.Livestock Production And Management- See PDF
3.Veterinary 1st Semester- LPM- See PDF
4.Livestock Production And Management LPM BSc Ag 1st Semester - See PDF
5.1st Semester - Livestock Production-Breeds Of Buffalo, Cattle, Goat, Sheep, Pig, Poultry-See PDF
6.Ruminant Production 2nd Semester Ag- See PDF
7.Pig and Poultry 3rd Semester- Bsc Ag- See PDF
8.Veterinary Gross Anatomy 1- See PDF
9.Veterinary Developmental Anatomy - See PDF
10.Veterinary Drugs - See PDF
11.Animal Breeding and Genetics -See PDF
12.Small Ruminants Management Techniques - See PDF
13.Anatomy And Physiology Of Farm Animals - See PDF
14.Reproductive Physiology Of Animals - See PDF
15.Animal Nutrition - See PDF
16.Applied Animal Endocrinology - See PDF
17.Ruminant Physiology - See PDF
18.Anatomy And Physiology 2 - See PDF
19.Veterinary Gross Anatomy 1- See PDF
20.Veterinary-Statistics - See PDF
21.Ruminant Nutrition and Production - See PDF
22.Reproductive Physiology Of Mammals - See PDF
23.Veterinary Anatomy Education In Abroad- See PDF
24.Effect Of Transportation And Pre-Slaughter Handling On Meat Quality-See PDF
25.Veterinary Handbook- See PDF
26.Veterinary ParasitologySee PDF
27.Veterinary Parasitology Part 2- See PDF
28.Veterinary Drugs - See PDF
29.Veterinary -Textbook Of Computer Applications And Biostatistics- See PDF
30.Statistics For Veterinary And Animal Science-See PDF
31.Nutrient Contents Of Feeds And Fodder In Nepal-See PDF
32.Veterinary Microbiology - See PDF
33.Veterinary Entomology and Parasitology-See PDF
34.Small Ruminant Production- See PDF
35.Principles For Sustainable Dairy Farming- See PDF
36.Veterinary Pathology- See PDF
37.Animal Physiology - See PDF
38.Animal Diets And Feed Management- See PDF
39.Veterinary Anatomy- See PDF
40.Veterinary Epidemiology- See PDF
41.Clinical Pharmacology And Therapeutics - See PDF
42.Clinical Biochemistry Of Domestic Animals - See PDF
43.Commercial Dairy Farming- See PDF
44.Veterinary Developmental Anatomy - See PDF
45.Veterinary Drugs - See PDF
46. Foot and Mouth Disease - See PDF
47. Pharma--Color Atlas of Pharmacology - See PDF
48. Protozoology - See PDF
49. Environmental Hygiene  - See PDF
50. Ectoparasiticides - See PDF

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