Dairy Technology e-Courses Pdf 

Dairy Technology ICAR e-Courses Pdf

Department of Dairy Business Management

Entrepreneurship Development and Industrial Consultancy

Department of Dairy Chemistry


Food Chemistry

Department of Dairy Engineering

Dairy Process Engineering

1.       Basic Principles & Application of evaporators and Differences between Vaporisation and Evaporation.

2.       Factors Affecting Design of Milk Evaporators

3.       Operation and Maintenance of Evaporators

4.       Factors Affecting Bulk Density of Milk Powder

5.       Mechanisms and Characteristics of Gas Fluidization system

6.       Fluidised Bed Dryers

7.       Cyclone separators and Stack loss control in Spray Dryers

8.       Application of Membrane Processing: RO, UF, NF and MF

9.       Membrane Processing: Electro – dialysis of milk and its by-products

10.    Form Fill  and Seal Packaging Machines 

11.    Butter Manufacturing Machines

12.    UHT Milk Packaging Machine

13.    Cheese Making Equipments

14.    Icecream Making Equipments

15.    Numericals On Evaporator And Drying

16.    Mechanization and Equipment’s used in Manufacture of Indigenous Dairy Products of Khoa

17.    Drum Drying  & Analysis

Food Engineering

Fluid Mechanics

1.       V – Notch and Weirs for Flow Measurement

2.       Venturimeter and Pitot Tube

3.       Rotameter and its Analysis

4.       Dimensional Analysis and Its Applications

5.        Hydraulic Similitude

6.       Non Dimensional Numbers in Motion of Fluids and their Significance

7.       Working & Performance of centrifugal Pump

8.       Numericals on Momentum Transfer

9.       Metacentric Height of a Floating Bodies

Department of Dairy Microbiology

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Fundamentals of Microbiology

Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk Products


Food and Industrial Microbiology

Microbiology of Dairy Products

1.       Microbiology of Cream

2.       Microbiology of Butter

3.       Microbiology of Ice- Cream

4.       Microbiology of Concentrated Milk

5.       Microbiology of Concentrated Milk (SCM)

6.       Microbiology of Evaporated milk

7.       Microbiology of the Indigenous Milk Products

Department of Dairy Technology

Cheese Technology

Fat-rich Dairy Products

Dairy Plant Management

Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts

Food Technology I

Sensory Evaluation of Dairy Products

Waste Disposal and Pollution Abatement

Lecture Notes

Department of Dairy Business Management

·        Bank Reconciliation

·        Capital and Revenue Expenditure

·        Introduction and Preparation Trading Account

·        Trial Balance – Preparation, Limitations and Method of Preparing Trial Balance

Department of Dairy Chemistry

Department of Dairy Engineering

Dairy Process Engineering

Engineering Drawing

Fluid Mechanics

·        Archimedes Principle, Stability of Floating Bodies

·        Buckingham’s Theorem Application to Fluid Flow Phenomena

·        Classification of Pumps

·        Centrifugal Pump, Pressure Variation, Work Done, Efficiency

·        External and Internal Mouthpiece

·        Froude Number, Reynolds Number, Weber Number

·        Hydraulic Similitude

·        Problems on Head Loss

·        Reciprocating Pumps

·        Review of preview

·        Rotameter, Water Level Point Gauge, Hook Gauge

·        Numericals On Pumps

Department of Dairy Microbiology

Fundamentals of Microbiology

Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk Products


Starter Cultures and Fermented Milk Products


Food and Industrial Microbiology


Department of Dairy Technology

Fat-rich Dairy Products




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