This veterinary drug formulary was initially prepared to assist veterinarians in treating animals in the Republic Georgia. In order to expand its use, this current edition is written in the Russian language. This formulary is meant to provide a readily available and practical source of drug information for use in veterinary practice. Medicines are listed by generic drug names. Other brand names are also listed. This formulary contains a list of pharmaceutical and biological items and suggested doses for routine use in treating animals. Users of this drug formulary should be aware that for most drugs there is a range of acceptable doses.

An attempt has been made to list dose rates for the different species in mg/kg but in some cases the formulary will list it as a dose range or average dose per animal. Average dose per animal is not preferred, but may be the only dosing information available. One tablet tid for a dog refers to an average size (14kg dog) a dose range of 15-30 mls for a cow would mean that 15 mls would be given to a small cow (230-275 kg) whereas 30 mls would be given to a large (450-550 kg) cow.

Any confusion about dosage, use, or form of administration, please conduct an Internet search or consult veterinary pharmacy texts. Please make sure to observe any and all withdrawal times listed on the drug label for all food animal species.