Equine Nutrition: Nutrient Requirements, Recommended Allowances and Feed list

by William Martin-Rosset
July 2019

This book deals with the UFC system for net energy, the MADC system for global amount of amino acids, and the evaluation of intake. These systems allow accurate comparison of the nutritive value of feeds, the formulation of well-balanced rations to achieve production or utilisation goals, and the prediction of equine performance from the quantity and quality of the ration.Equine nutrition’ provides an update of the nutrient requirements for all the main categories of equine including mare, stallion, young horse and exercise horse of different breeds and sports or races and pulling, pony and donkey. The tables of allowances and the simple approach to formulation of rations based on the use of a maximum amount of forage are likely to be widely applicable. The nutrient requirements and allowances are based on factorial and feeding trial methods carried out at INRA. 

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A method for ration formulation and evaluation is displayed. The importance of grass during summer for the different categories of equines is evaluated and grazing management is described. Feed allowances and feeding practices are proposed in respect of health and behaviour of the equine.The feed tables list about 170 forages and crop residues, 80 concentrates and by-product feeds. Data have been derived from digestibility trials on horses, carried out at INRA and measurements of voluntary intake for most of the forages. This book is intended for scientists, teachers and their students, advisers and industrialists.