Exam Name: CS (MAIN) EXAM:2018  ANIMAL HUSBANDRY (Paper I)
Marks: 250
Time Allowed : Three Hours

 1. Answer the following questions in about 150 words each: 10x5=50 marks
(a) Describe different types of calorimetry. 
(b) Define Al and mention the advantages and disadvantages of Al.
(c) Give diagrammatic representation of kidney and narrate its functions.
(d) Write BIS specifications of nutrient requirements for chicken. 
(e) Mention digestive organs and their role in food digestion in monogastric animals.

2. a) Differentiate between the following: 4x5=20 marks
(i) Probiotics and Prebiotics 
(ii) Fatty liver and kidney syndrome (FLKS) and fatty liver and haemorrhagic syndrome (FLHS) 
(iii)Protein efficiency ratio and Net protein utilization 
(iv) Green fodder and Straws
(v) Metabolic faecal nitrogen and Endogenous urinary nitrogen

(b) Write in brief on the following: 4x5=20 marks
(i) Nutrient-parasite interrelationship 
(ii) The role of vitamin D in calcium absorption
(iii) Feeding schedule for breeding bulls
(iv) Blood-brain barrier 
(v) Growth curve

(c) Write the causes and management of repeat breeding cases in cows. 10 marks

3.(a) Write the chemical nature, physiological functions and deficiency symptoms of vitamin A in animals. 10 marks

(b) Mention different haemato biochemical tests in relation to disease diagnosis in animals. 20 marks

(c) Write the physicochemical properties of ejaculated semen in domestic animals. 10 marks

(d) Write in detail the factors affecting water requirements of animals 10  marks

4(a) Define balanced ration. Write desirable characteristics of ration. 15 marks

 (b) Discuss the factors affecting digestibility of feeds.  15 marks

(c) Mention different metalloenzymes and their functions in livestock  15 marks

(d) Discuss different methods of oestrus detection in animals.  15 marks

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5.Answer the following questions in about 150 words each : 10x5=50 marks
(a) Write about the structure and functions of ribosomal RNA. 
(b)Discuss about modificd Mendelian ratio in monohybrid cross with examples 
(c) Write a short note on stall-feeding of goats.
(d) Write about the advantages and disadvantages of DNA vaccines. 
(e) Write in detail about the constraints in transfer of technology to the farmers.

6. a) Explain sex-linked inheritance and sex-influenced inheritance with suitable example.  20  marks

(b) Describe the managemental practices to be adopted during the transport of dairy cattle through rail and roads.  10 marks

c) How do systematic processes affect the gene and genotypic frequency? Explain. 20 marks

7. (a) Enumerate the theories of sex determination and explain genic balance theory.  10 marks

(b) Discuss quarantine measures to be adopted for newly purchased animals .  10 marks

(c) Write in detail about the preparation of metaphase chromosome spread through peripheral blood leucocyte culture for chromosome analysis.  20 marks

(d) What are the modern management practices for enhancing productivity of pig? 10 marks

8. (a) Write in detail about the components of variance. 15 marks

(b) Discuss various managemental practices to be adopted to ameliorate heat stress during summer for dairy cattle. 15 marks

(c) Discuss in detail about different animal husbandry programmes for rural development in India.  15 marks

(d) Write about breed characteristics of Madras Red Sheep. 5 marks

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Marks: 250
Time Allowed : Three Hours

1.Discuss the following in about 150 words each: 10x5=50 marks
1(a) Anatomical and Physiological classification of neurons. 10 marks 
1.(b) Compare Spermatogenesis and Oogenesis. 10 marks 
1.(c) Clinical manifestations of vitamin B complex deficiency diseases in poultry 10 marks
1.(d) Causes and principal ruminants involved in bacterial zoonotic diseases. 10 marks
1.(e) Legal standards for whole milk powder and skim milk powder. 10 marks

2(a) Give holistic picture of the types of slaughter house byproducts and their potential utilization including the social and economic implications. 20 marks
2.(b)Describe in detail the clinical findings, diagnosis and treatment of various types of rumenal disorders. 20 marks
2.(c)Discuss about airsacs in fowl and its significance. 10 marks

3(a) Describe in detail about the histology of testis in bull. 20 marks
3.(b) Write in detail the ante-mortem inspection procedure in a slaughter house. 20 marks
3.(c) Describe anaesthesia and procedure of Caesarean section in a cow. 10 marks

4.(a) Write in detail etiology, pathogenesis, clinical symptoms, diagnosis and control of rabics in dogs. 20 marks
4.(b) Discuss about the nerve blocks in head region of cattle with emphasis on surgical antonomy 20 marks
4.(c) Briefly describe the physical changes that occur in preserved meat. 10 marks

UPSC Mains General Studies Study Kit
5. Discuss the following in about 150 words each: 10x5=50 marks
5.(a) Clinical examination of cranial nerves in cattle. 10 marks
5.(b) Immunization schedule for the protection against layer bird diseases. 10 marks
5.(c) Prevention and control steps for hemorrhagic septicemia in cattle 10 marks
5.(d) Rules for the post-mortem examination of a veterolegal case. 10 marks
5.(e) Sources of contamination of meat in a slaughter house. 10 marks

6.(a) What are the functions of packaging milk and milk products ? Describe various types and forms of packaging materials used for milk and milk products. 20 marks 
6.(b) Write in detail etiology, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of ketosis in buffaloes. 20 marks
6.(c) Describe about regulation of hormone secretion in animals. 10 marks

7.(a) Describe about role of parasites in immunity and mechanism of action of anti parasitic drugs. 20 marks
7.(b) Define fermented milk and state its advantages. Describe the complete manufacturing process involved in the production of cultured buttermilk. 20 marks
7.(c) Describe requirements of instruments, buildings and manpower for establishment of Veterinary Hospital at village level. 10 marks

8.(a) Discuss in detail clinical manifestations of diseases of nervous system in cattle. 20 marks
8.(b) Describe about heat stress, its clinical symptoms and management in buffaloes during summer 20 marks
8.(c) Give a brief outline of the chemical composition and nutritional content of poultry meat. 10 marks.

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