For Veterinarian 

TARGET UPSC IAS IPS IFS 2020 - For Veterinarian 

Why this is the right time to start?

1.UPSC CSE requires 1 year of dedicated preparation to clear all the three stages of exam.
2.Very important to maintain the discipline and honestly follow a schedule
3.It is not possible to clock 12 hrs for the whole year.4-5 hours of daily study is key to optimum performance in the last three months.
4.Not aligning Mains and Prelims preparation leads to panic in the last three months.
5.NCERT requires time to time revision for prelims.
6.2 years of Current Affairs needs to be covered.
This plan will not only help you in securing your Prelims but also keep your mains preparation on the right track throughout the year.

Study Plan

April-August - NCERT + Current Affairs
Sept-Nov- Reference Books + Current Affairs
December - January Revision Through Subject wise tests
Feb-March -Current Affairs revision tests (Month wise)
April - Full Mocks 
(Detailed Schedule will come later on)

TARGET UPSC IAS IPS IFS 2020 - For Veterinarian 


How it will work

For Beginners
Those who will be taking this exam for the first time,completing the syllabus with enough time for revision is a tough nut to crack.Following a schedule keeps your preparation on track.Every aspirant wants to work hard and make their parents proud but sometime a constant push is required to keep you focused on your goal.And that is what we intend to do.Give that little push.
For Veterans
For those who miss prelims by few marks but are confident for their mains papers,a change in attitude is all that you need.Aligning prelims preparation with mains from the very beginning will give you that edge,the confidence which will prevent you from committing silly mistakes on the day of the exam

TARGET UPSC IAS IPS IFS 2020 - For Veterinarian 

What we will provide
1.Current affairs magazine compilation
(We will refer current affairs magazines of 2-3 institutes suggested by you and compile the information in one document so that you need not to refer 2-3 magazines)
2.Sectional Topic wise tests
3. NCERT subject wise tests
4.2 years Current Affairs tests (Bimonthly)
5.Budget and Survey tests
6.Full Mocks Test 

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