Enzymes in Human and Animal Nutrition: Principles and Perspectives

by Carlos Nunes, Vikas Kumar
July 2019

Enzymes in Human and Animal Nutrition is a detailed reference on enzymes covering detailed information on all relevant aspects fundamental for the final use of enzymes in human and animal nutrition. Topics explored include selection, engineering, and expression of microbial enzymes, effects of probiotics on enzymes in the digestive tract, potential new sources of enzymes, valorization of plant biomass by food and feed enzymes. It also examines economics and intellectual property issues.

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  • Examines the role of enzymes in nutrition and in the production of food and animal feed so that food industry and academic researchers can understand applications of enzymes in the health of humans and animals
  • Begins with a thorough overview of selection, engineering and expression of microbial enzymes.
  • Examines extremophile organisms as a potential new source of enzymes
  • Includes discussion of analytics, economics and intellectual property to increase applicability of the rest of the book outside of the lab.